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Laughing Clowns + Operator

ROLL UP ROLL UP! Everyone is a winner! 

Laughing Clowns are the most popular sideshow alley game, for generations they have been delighting children and adults. This game require concentration as you feed the balls into the clown's mouth whist the clown's head is moving side to side. 

This is an absolute must for your next school fair, corporate event, festival, community celebrations and many more.

For prices and availability please phone our office on 0400 404 119

Delivery fees apply outside of the Mackay area

Power: Standard power

Transported: 4wd

Access: Car and trailer access

Installation Area:7m x 3m
Capacity (under 12):6
Capacity (adults):6
Hire for 4 Hours:Bookings/Info 0400 404 119
Hire for 7 Hours:Bookings/Info 0400 404 119
Overnight Hire:n/a

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